Why Work at Home?

If you knew how to work online at home, would you do it?

Many people would. Many people do, despite all that we hear about how there are no legitimate jobs working at home. The reasons for doing so are as varied as the people who are doing this kind of work. Maybe you are retired and looking for a way to keep busy. Maybe you are unable to work a traditional job for some reason. Perhaps you want to be home for your family more, or maybe you just want a little extra income while you continue to work your current job.

Whatever the case, the opportunity exists to work at home and to me, it is an incredibly exciting thought. Who wants to go into the office when they can sit in the living room with relaxing music playing and a cup of their favourite tea? Who wants to get dressed up and drive to work when they can hang out at home in their PJs and bare feet? Who wants to worry about getting through traffic to reach the daycare in time when they can set their own schedule?

Better Life

Why NOT Work at Home?

My personal dream is to be able to sit outside (or in the solarium of it’s cold out), writing on my laptop, sharing ideas and reaching out to people who feel trapped in their jobs the way I did for so long. I’d be working at my own pace, doing something I love and hopefully making a difference in someone’s life, helping them realise that they could change their situation if they were unhappy with it.

It’s unfortunate that so many people don’t have enough faith in themselves to pursue their dreams. Sometimes I feel like Shia LaBeouf in his much-maligned “just do it!” video. People mocked him for it, but when I watched it, it made me realise just how frustrating it is that people who are fully capable of making something great out of their lives simply… dont.

For most people, I believe it is a matter of fear. They fear what will happen if they fail. They worry that they will find themselves in an even worse position than they are currently in. I can understand that. I truly can. It’s something I have dealt with on many occasions, but the only way to improve your life is to take control of it. As I often find myself telling my son, “if you don’t take control of your life, someone else will be happy to do so.” For me, personally, I am tired of other people controlling my life.

Yes, you absolutely can be your own boss, and yes, you should be. I know how hard it can be, but I also know that it can be an amazing journey. I would love to help you take that first step, but it’s all up to you. Do you want to be your own boss, the creator of your own life’s story?  You can. I’d love to help, but the first step is up to you.

When you are ready, click here to learn what you can do to get started.