Who is Your Boss and Why Do You Work for Them?

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Let me ask you a question. Is your boss better than you? Are they smarter than you? Are they more talented than you? Are they some kind of celebrity? No? Then who is your boss and why do you work for them?

Who Are You Working For?

Who Are You Working For?

Who’s the Boss?

Maybe your boss is the owner of the business you work in. Maybe they are just a manager in a store, or some other kind of establishment. But regardless of the business you are in and regardless of who your boss is, the fact of the matter is that they are no better than you. Maybe you already know that. Hopefully you do. But if you know that they are just a normal person the same as you and me, why have you chosen to work for them?

It’s possible that you prefer to let someone else take the lead. The one in charge is the one who is ultimately responsible for everything. For some people, that can be comforting. There are those who don’t like making decisions, either because they are afraid of making the wrong one, or because they just don’t care. Perhaps they are not invested in the business they are in, which is not really a great way to spend your working life. We all have to work. Shouldn’t we be interested in what we are doing?

Many of us, however, don’t always like having a boss. We don’t like not having a say in things. We don’t like being told what to do all the time. We don’t like having someone else look at our hard work and judge it to determine how much money we should be making. Most of all, we don’t like breaking our backs so that someone else can enjoy the fruits of our labour.

Shouldn’t You Be the Boss?

So, if your boss is not really superior to you in any way, but is actually reaping the benefits of the work you do, wouldn’t it be better to be the boss? Wouldn’t it be great to give yourself the day off so that you could spend it with friends or family? How great would if be to be able to give yourself a raise? Hello, me. I see I have been working extra hard lately and I think I deserve a raise, so I am giving me one. Oh, and while I’m at it, why don’t I take a long weekend and go away with the family?

That’s the kind of boss I’m interested in working for.

It’s a given that you are going to work. You are probably going to work quite hard, for many, many years. How can it make any sense to you to work for someone else, helping them get the things they want, while denying yourself much of what you want?  If you are putting out all that effort anyway, shouldn’t you be the one to benefit the most from it?

Now, I suppose that I shouldn’t make too many assumptions. Maybe you love your job. Maybe you are doing something that you find fulfilling and are well-paid for it. If so, that is awesome and I am very happy for you! Not many people can say that they love their job and make a good salary.

If you don’t love your job,though, or if you don’t earn enough to have the life you desire, what’s stopping you from changing it? We’ve already established that those who are living potentially better lives are no different from you. Not smarter. Not better.

If they are anything that you aren’t, they may be better informed.They may have learned something that you haven’t learned yet. But you can learn.

Learn How to Be Your Own Boss

A few short months ago, I knew nothing about building a website, but here I am now, talking to you… I had no idea that it was possible to work for myself, because “everything online is a scam”, or so I thought. But not everything is. It takes some digging, but you can find amazing stuff online, and fortunately for you, I’ve already done that digging. I have been burned by multiple scams. I have bought into false promises. Then, I discovered an honest, legitimate way to start building my own site, my own dreams. And now I want to share it with you because I honestly believe that everyone deserves the chance to create a better life for themselves, even if many won’t take it.

If you decide to come on this journey with me (and have no doubt, I will be there with you), then you can learn to create your own online business. Or, maybe you just want to learn about things like SEO, SERP and other crazy-sounding things. SEO, for example, is Search Engine Optimization, and some people are able to turn that alone into a career. Maybe you will, too. Or maybe you will be like me and see how people can benefit from this training and go out to let them know about it.

The choice is yours, because you will be free to be your own boss. You will do what you want, when you want. You will start working for you!

Commitment is a Scary Word

Fortunately, you don’t have to commit, although for real lasting success, some sort of commitment to yourself will eventually be required. But for now, why not simply take a look? It’s free. Honest. There is no cost to you, but the potential benefit… well, my words won’t be what convinces you. Looking for yourself and seeing what is offered? That should be more than enough for you to see what you stand to gain.

I understand what it’s like to want– even need— a change. I spent over 25 years giving the best of my time and effort so that others could benefit. Now I am working toward my own goals, building something for me, my wife, my kids. It is something I always dreamed of and now it is happening. I would love to see it happen for others, too.

All I can say is that you deserve the things you dream about. You deserve happiness, you deserve success. All it takes is a bit of determination and a bit of knowledge. You can provide the former, we can provide the latter. It’s time to be your own boss.

Take a look now. Try it. See for yourself.

Once you get started, I look forward to helping in any way I can.




Craig Williams

Working online was a dream of mine for several years, and now I am doing it. You can too! I am here to help in any way I can!

  • Paul says:

    Dear Craig,

    Thanks for the great post. I do agree with you being our own boss is really a great pleasure. I do remember the quote which inspired me a lot “If you don’t build your dream someone else will hire you to help them build theirs.” Thanks for the post. Wishing you great success!

    Your Friend,

    • Thanks, Paul.

      Yes, that is a good quote. I used to get frustrated in some of my old jobs when I would do a bunch of work and m boss would get the credit. Now I work for myself, so anything that I do is for my own benefit.

      • Paul says:

        Dear Craig,

        Thanks for sharing and yes indeed being our own boss is really great. It’s awesome to work and get the full credit.
        Your Friend,

        • Thanks for commenting Paul.

          I agree totally. I have worked in one or two places where the manager was very good about acknowledging the contributions of the employees, but in most cases I have found that the boss is the one to take all the credit for the work that is done by others. I much prefer knowing that the work I do will be for my own benefit– and my family’s– than someone else’s.

  • Sue Dixon says:

    I would love to be my own full-time boss. I work three days a week (outside of home). My boss owns the business I work in and although he’s quite supportive and generous, it’s the pure fact that I still have to answer to someone other than myself. My performance on my job is for the betterment of his business. I’m working on changing that now. My goal is to have a reason NOT to go on Social Security in the next six months.

    Terrific post, Craig.

    • I have worked for a number of people that I really had a lot of respect for, and whom I enjoyed working with, but at the end of the day, no matter how much or how little I worked, it didn’t have much of an impact on me. Of course, it might determine my annual raise, or it might mean that I get promoted, or whatever, but ultimately all my effort benefited someone else far more than they did me.

      Now, I know that if I put in extra effort, it comes back to me. If I put it minimal effort, well, that’s on me, too. That latter part can be a bit scary, but knowing that you can actually get ahead in the world and in your own business more than makes up for it.

      Thanks for commenting!

  • Neil says:

    My boss is lazy, does anything to escape “hard work”, and does not motivate or inspire the team of 8 of us at all!

    This isn’t the kinda boss that anybody should work for. Unfortunately, because work places are pyramid structured, it means bosses can get away with being lazy and dictating instructions.

    It’s funny when you think about it because if you remove the employees from the bottom of the pyramid, the whole structure collapses.

    So shouldn’t that mean that employees should get more money than “managers” for making organizations profitable?

    The reason why I work for my boss is because I must be stupid (like everybody else on the team). But yet we need the money. So it’s catch-22, in my opinion.

    I think being my own boss and taking control of my own future sounds like the perfect plan for escaping the fat cats at the top of the pyramid and earning the type of income I deserve for a change.


    • Craig says:

      I have had a number of bosses similar to what you describe. Perhaps they worked hard at one point to get where they are now and have decided that their “reward” is to sit back an delegate everything. I have been lucky enough to have a couple of good bosses over the years (like my Blockbuster manager whom, upon receiving his annual bonus, used it to treat the employees to dinner), but most of them have been the kind of boss that makes you want to find a new job. Sadly, the new job would often have the exact same type of boss.

      The best boss you are likely to ever have would be you, though even that isn’t without it’s perils. You have to keep in mind that working for yourself is still working, but if you have the right kind of self-motivation and determination to succeed, you will find it’s the best “job” you could ever imagine.

      Are you still stuck working for someone else? You can certainly start working for yourself, with even just a few hours per week. It might take a while for your business to take off, but with enough work and dedication, you will eventually win your freedom, and that it definitely worth any short-term sacrifices.

      Thanks for replying. Let me know how your journey is going!

  • Judith says:

    I definitely have an issue with my boss and nearly all the bosses that I have had throughout my life. I think it has something to do with conflict with authority figures. This is a good reason to venture out on my own so I can become my own boss. What kind of security does this program offer?

    • Craig says:

      Working for yourself will never really come with a 100% guarantee, but then again, how many large, well-established businesses have closed down or laid off large numbers of employees?

      It is clear that traditional retail is slowly fading away as more people begin to shop online. Anyone who decides to try their hand at affiliate marketing has a potential audience of more than 3 billion people. Your success will largely be based on your efforts. For some people it happens fast, for others it takes more time, but I believe that anyone who is willing to follow lessons properly and then do the required work will ultimately succeed, and there is a huge community of people waiting to help you reach your goals.

      So while there is no absolute guarantee, I think the freedom of working for yourself and creating your own future is definitely worth the risk. Besides, there is absolutely no reason why you couldn’t build your online business in your free time. It might take longer, but it leaves you the security of your regular job as your business takes hold and starts to grow.

      Thanks for commenting!

  • B. A. Scott says:

    Hi! Thanks so much for this very insightful article.

    I totally agree with you. Bosses are no better than anybody else. Most of the time, they just think they are because they’ve been working there longer than you have and think they know everything. Can you tell I’d rather be my own boss?

    I have already taken advantage of the business opportunity you suggest and am so glad that I did. It’s the best online business opportunity out there.

    Thanks so much!

    • Craig says:

      Yes, your boss is really just another person, with perhaps a bit more education or experience, but sometimes they don’t even have that. I see nothing wrong with working for someone, if that’s what you want. I have had a couple of managers who were actually very good, and fun to work with. I think it can be great to be part of a team. At this point in my life, though, I see that all I have done is make money for other people. I am grateful for the experiences I have had, but now I want to be in control of my own destiny. When I see other people who feel the same way, I want to do whatever I can to help.

      Thanks for taking the time to respond!

  • Ankit says:

    Amazing views over the Boss and stuff. I use to ponder seldom that why do people work for others in spite of the better intelligence and smartness they deserve than the boss. However, this subject may vary person to person but If you ask me then I would prefer work 24/7 rather slave 9-5. I liked your perception and the way you summed up things here as for Boss are impressive.. Keep on the good work.

    • Craig says:

      Hi there. Thanks for responding. I have to agree that working longer, harder hours for myself would definitely beat working for someone else. The sad thing is that so many people just don’t realise that it is a viable option. I would love to see more people finding the freedom to work for themselves, whether it is me helping them, or them doing is on their own. Everyone deserves the freedom to control their own destiny.