What to Do When You Hate Your Job

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It’s a fairly universal thing. At one point or another, you have likely thought to yourself “I hate my job.” I certainly have. Almost everyone I know has said it or at least thought it at some point. Maybe you find yourself using the other popular thought, “I’m tired of being broke all the time.” Either way, if you have thought either of these, you have probably found yourself wondering how to improve your life.

But do you know what to do when you hate your job?

“I Feel Trapped!”

The simple answer to the above question is “change jobs”, but for the vast majority of people, that is simply not possible. How do you leave a job– even if you hate it– when it is the only thing that allows you to pay your bills. Depending on your field, your age, your education, and more, you may have a very difficult time finding new employment.

TrappedWhat is it that you are unhappy with? Your salary? The type of work? Your co-workers? Many of those things will follow you from job to job.

I know that I left jobs because of managers that I couldn’t bear to work with any longer, only to find that my new manager in my new job was the same or even worse.

Other times, I loved my boss and my co-workers, but hated the work I was doing, or maybe didn’t mind the work, but was not being paid enough to cover my bills. There was always something, and frankly, switching jobs did nothing to alleviate that.

I remember thinking to myself on many occasions that I was trapped. I wanted to go back to school to learn new skill and start a new career, but my job didn’t allow me the time to do so. I was working retail and that meant shifts all over the place.

I couldn’t attend classes on a regular basis because my schedule was always changing. Besides, I wasn’t making enough money as it was, so how would I handle the additional cost of school?


There is a Way Out

I kept thinking that the best thing for me would be to take classes online, at my own pace, as I could afford them, but that was followed by the realisation that I would probably take 5 years or more to get anywhere, and having taken a course once before that all but guaranteed a great job, only to result in nothing more than debt and continued unemployment, I was hesitant to try anything.

I was very hopeful, then, to discover a way to start working online. It promised me the ability to learn at my own pace, as I had wanted, while costing a fraction of what I would pay if I went back to school. Even better, it had an incredibly supportive community and offered the potential to earn while learning. What was this opportunity?

Wealthy Affiliate.

Now, I know that I am losing some of you right there. I myself was almost turned away just by the name. I mean, Wealthy Affiliate sounded to me like another one of the scams that I’d already had more than enough experience with. I figured this would be another, but sometimes desperation makes you take action that you wouldn’t normally consider, so I checked it out.

I was glad to see that there was a free trial. I figured I could check it out and simply walk away if it wasn’t for me, but I was impressed with the training and even more than that, I was very impressed with the community.

I have rarely seen so many upbeat, positive, supportive people in one place. WA was full of people like myself, who only wanted to make their lives better, and who, having been in situations like my own, wanted to help me as well.

I had finally found what I wanted to do.

Can You Hate a Job that You Create?



Most of us can imagine a dream job that we would love to have. For many, that would include being able to work from home. Others want the freedom to set their own schedule. Some might simply want to know that whatever work they do benefits them and not their boss.

When I discovered affiliate marketing, I didn’t really understand what it was, but I saw the promise of being able to work for myself, setting my own schedule, which was something that I really wanted.

Added to that was the fact that I would be able to work with the written word (I have always loved writing) and choose whatever I wanted to write about. I jumped on it right away.

Now, I work for myself. I work when I want. I work how I want. I write about things that interest me. I earn money online.

Am I rich? Well, I am earning more than I expected to at this point, and my business is still growing, with no real end in sight. The only real limits are defined by how much work I want to put into it. But the neat thing is… it isn’t really work. It’s something I enjoy. I love what I do. I don’t want to change it for anything.

The only change I would make, is that I would like to reach more people and help them make a similar change in their lives. It may sound corny, and it may be difficult for some people to believe, but I honestly enjoy seeing other people succeed almost as much as I enjoy succeeding myself.

I know what it’s like to hate a job. I know what it’s like to wonder if I can make it to my next paycheque, and once I receive it, I know what it’s like to have to decide which bills I need to pay and which I can put off a while longer.

I hated that feeling. I am sure that anyone else in that situation hates it, too.

I want to help. I want to see other people make positive, lasting changes in their lives. We all deserve happiness. We all deserve to be secure, knowing that our needs will be met. For me, this has been the way to do that. I want to help others do the same.

What Do You Do? You Take Action!

I don’t want to oversimplify things. This is still work, even if it’s work that you love. It will take time. It will take effort. I’m not telling you that you can earn money without trying. I won’t lie and I don’t want to mislead. Time and effort will get you where you want to go, but wouldn’t you rather spend that effort on something that you enjoy and which will improve your life?

Time will continue to pass no matter what you do. Why not use that time to create something for yourself and your future?

There is a great myth that far too many people believe. This myth says that we cannot make changes to our lives, that we have to accept what we are given and be happy with it. That is simply not true. We have the ability to grow, to change. Use that ability to make the life you want.

If you hate your job, create a new one for yourself. Be your own boss and build your own future instead of someone else’s. The best time to act is right now. Act! Make a change! Go try a FREE membership at Wealthy Affiliate and when you do, I will find you and be there to help you get started.

Create Your Own Job!



Craig Williams

Working online was a dream of mine for several years, and now I am doing it. You can too! I am here to help in any way I can!

  • Michelle says:

    Great article, Craig. Yes, you have to take action to create the life you want – it might take some time, but you are customizing it for you. Yes, I agree with you about Wealthy Affiliate. I was skeptical as well. But now, it is allowing me to set up a future plan for my total relinquishing of the 9-5. Thanks for sharing.

    • Michelle, seeing the work you are putting in, I have no doubt that you will be tremendously successful with your online business. You are well on your way to building whatever kind of life you choose for yourself.

  • Paul says:

    Dear Craig,

    Thanks for the post. Everybody wants to be their own boss and love to work from home but most of them are not interested in putting the effort. Many of friends keep on saying “I am going to start blogging” for years but still not taken any step and you said it very well “Time will continue to pass no matter what you do. Why not use that time to create something for yourself and your future?”. Thanks for the informative post.

    Your Friend,

  • What a great post. You really nailed the feelings about not liking what you are doing. The possibilities that exist with WA are astounding. And we each have the ability to take it where we want to go. No one puts limits on what we can each achieve with Wealthy Affiliate but ourselves. It is great to have control over designing the work and impact we want in our lives!

    • I have been working as an affiliate marketer and professional blogger for months now, and I have to say I have never had a “normal” job that was this enjoyable.

      It can be a bit scary to make the change, but it is so worthwhile.

  • Sue Dixon says:

    Craig, I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for over a year now as a premium member and I can attest to the fact that this program is the real deal. I was looking for something…an educational platform that would teach me what I needed to know about building a business from start to finish. I found this in Wealthy Affiliate. This is an accurate and honest assessment of this amazing platform. The icing on the cake is the free trial membership where you can a thorough feel for what this educational website is all about. I was sold!

    • I stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate by chance. I was reading an article about work-at-home opportunities, and one of the suggestions pointed me to Wealthy Affiliate.

      My trial went well and I was very impressed with the training and especially the community.If there was a lifetime membership, I would gladly take it.

  • I’m so happy to read this post of yours Craig,

    In actual fact, I used to be among the the category of those who hate their job simply because my boss was too demanding. So I can say I have been in your shoes before.

    So I began searching online for an opportunity to make some good income at home. For many years I was still searching but not finding any legitimate job online.

    The truth is that I came across many scams out there who promised to make me rich overnight. At one time I was almost falling into the trap of paying for an opportunity that was offered by a Forex trade company. I did all of these just to find a legitimate opportunity out there.

    Then one day I was doing a research on an MLM business opportunity that a friend introduced to me, in the course of my research, I came across a review on Wealthy Affiliate by none of their members and I was so happy that he said I could start for FREE.

    I’m still a premium member now and I can say Wealthy Affiliate is a very classic place to learn and build a successful business online.

    I know this post will help others as well.

    All the best.


    • Thank you very much for commenting.

      I really haven’t found anything else that matches Wealthy Affiliate. I initially approached it as a way to make money online, but I quickly saw that it was a program designed to help me build an actual business of my own. It provides all the tools we need, from the actual training, to the hosting, to a leading keyword tool in Jaaxy. On top of that, it has perhaps the best community you will find online.

      I am glad to hear that your experiences have matched my own!

  • Brittaney says:

    Wow. I am happy to see people that have a passion for helping others like me. I just started my own website through Wealthy Affiliate. I am already starting to see traffic and I am hoping to make my first sales soon through my website. It is all thanks to Wealthy Affiliate!

    • Craig says:

      Hi Brittaney!

      I love seeing other people do well, so if I can ever do anything to help someone improve their life, then that is amazing.
      Wealthy Affiliate has helped me in a number of ways, not the least of which is allowing me to work from home. It’s really great.

      I wish you nothing but success with your site!