What is Brain FM and Can it Help You?

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I have to admit, I had my doubts about Brain FM.

I was having some trouble concentrating one day recently as I was working at home. The house was very silent, with my wife and kids out for the day. I put for a question asking how people like to work; do they prefer total silence, or do they like some ambient noise? How about music? Music with or without lyrics?

Many people suggested that they liked music. One person suggest to me that I check out Brain FM. I had heard about it before, but didn’t know too much- or, anything, honestly– about it. I decided to check it out.

So, what is Brain FM and can it help you? If you sometimes need a boost to concentration, read on!

Not Just Music… Science!

Brain FM is, at first glance (or listen) music. Given that many people like to have some background music while Brain stimulation with Brain FMworking, that might seem good enough. Finding good music without distracting lyris can be helpful, but Brain FM goes one step further by applying some science to what you are listening to.

The basic idea behind Brain FM is that neuronal oscillations– brainwaves, if you would– regulate the communication between neurons. Specific patterns of brainwaves have been identified for specific states conducive to relaxation, concentration, sleep and more.

These brainwaves, it has been found, can be influenced by music. Therefore, specific music can be used to induce specific states.

This seems logical enough. For example, one does not typically listen to hard rock while drifting off to sleep, or lullabyes while studying.

The minds at Brain FM have gone a step further, studying the exact manner in which to induce these states.

Within approximately 10 to 15 minutes of listening to Brain FM you should begin to notice an effect corresponding to your choice of Focus, Relaxation or Sleep.

But Does it Work?

As mentioned above, I had someone recommend Brain FM to me and since they had a free trial, I figured I may as well (I’m cheap; I’m not big on paying just to try something, but if it’s free, I’m all over it).

Checking out their site, I read a little bit about the way it is supposed to work, and although it seemed a bit strange to me, it made enough sense that I was willing to try. Besides, I figured it couldn’t hurt, and the idea of having some interesting (but not too distracting) background noise appealed to me.

Grabbing  my headphones (the preferred way to listen), I sat down and got to work.

At first, I didn’t really think much about it. I figured I would just do my work and not worry about it. I actually liked the music and thought it might be distracting because I was actively listening to it. Very quickly, however, it faded into the background.

When I decided to take a break some time later, I was surprised to see how much time had passed. I had been listening for almost two full hours. Often, after about 45 minutes or so of really concentrating, I will get up and walk around a bit, perhaps grabbing myself a snack or a drink, but this time I had worked more than twice that long without even noticing it.

Even better, when i looked back over the work I had just done, I realized that I had produced more than usual, and it didn’t really need as much revision as it normally would. I was truly impressed, and I have been using it ever since.

Music to Suit Your Mood– or Create Your Mood

Brain FM offers more than music to work by. If you are having difficluty relaxing after a long day at work, or if you are What is Brain FM? Music for your mind!laying in bed tossing and turning while sleep eludes you, Brain FM also has categories to help you out, though I personally have much less experience with them.

Normally, I have no issues falling asleep, so I have yet to try their sleep programs, but I did check out the relaxation one, which I found pleasant. There are multiple choices under each category, such as Chimes & Bowls or Nightsounds in the Relaxation category and Rain or Wind in the Sleep category. This allows you to tailor your Brain FM experience to whatever appeals to you the most.

In Summary

If you are the type of person who likes to have some background music, I would highly recommend trying Brain FM, especially if you are trying to focus on a specific task. In my experience it has proven quite helpful at entering and maintaining the right state of mind to get things done. I am less prone to distraction while listening to it, which has proven highly beneficial to me.

Even if you are not a fan of listening to music while you work or sleep, you may find some benefit from tuning in to Brain FM. Certainly, you have nothing to lose with a free trial.

I would suggest using quality headphones, however, as cheap earbuds will probably become uncomfortable and distracting, effectively cancelling out any real benefit you might gain from listening.

Give a listen to Brain FM and let me know what you think. Did it help? Was it distracting to you?

Share your comments below.



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Craig Williams

Working online was a dream of mine for several years, and now I am doing it. You can too! I am here to help in any way I can!

  • Michelle says:

    Hello Craig,
    Oh wow, I have never heard of Brain FM, but it sure sounds interesting. When I was younger I was into Jazz and I would study with soft Jazz and it was relaxing and I did get some work done. Nowadays, I just prefer silence of the ringing or soft humming in my ears – no, it nothing crazy – I just tend to be very aware of the sounds around and in me. I will have to go check out Brain FM.
    What can I say, you learn something new every day. Thanks for sharing.

  • I have heard of Brain FM a few times. I guess I will have to go check them out and see if it will work for me.

  • Sue Dixon says:

    This is amazing, Craig. I’ve listened to lots of NLP audios and these have been shown to have incredible effect on many aspects of health and wellness. I’m going to give Brain FM a try. A most helpful post. Thank you.

  • Hi Craig, This Brain FM sounds amazing and I am definitely going to give it a try. Like you, I tend to work best without distractions of other noises and will put on a headset to shut them out when I have to. But I have read a lot about the brainwave work that is going on right now to enhance brain activity in various modes, and this sounds exciting!

    • I used it last night when I had to finish a blog that I’d been paid to write. I was a bit late in getting it done and knew I really had to focus. I put on Brain FM and banged it out quite fast… and then completed a second blog.

      For me it definitely works. If you do try it out, I hope it gives you great results!

  • Paul says:

    Dear Craig,

    This is the first time I am hearing about brain fm. Your post gave me new insights. When you stated “These brainwaves, it has been found, can be influenced by music. Therefore, specific music can be used to induce specific states.” I love music so I will be interested.

    Your Friend,

  • Tania says:

    How interesting, I have never heard of brain fm. If it is going to help productivity then it really is worth giving it a try.
    I have enjoyed learning about what is brain fm and can it help you.
    Do you have to use ear phones though?

    • It’s recommended to use comfortable headphones. I wouldn’t use earbuds, for example, because they tend to become uncomfortable after a while, at least for me. If you find that they are more comfortable and less distracting than larger headphones, though, it’s probably better to use them.

  • ariel says:

    Hello Craig, wow this is phenomenal.. I did not know about this .. I am off to check it out.. so you felt more focused and productive??
    I am definitely going for it. thank you!

    • It worked for me personally.

      I have read a number of reviews also where people felt that it was helpful, but there were a few that said they did not perceive any change. I find that it is actually having more of an effect for me now, after having used it for a while. I get into “the zone” a bit faster.

      I don’t always use it, but several times, when I have needed to do something on a tight deadline, I’ve put on my headphones and listened, and it really did keep me focused.

      Hopefully it will work for you as well. You may need to play with it a bit, customizing it, or adjusting the volume. If you have it too loud, for example, it will just distract you, having the opposite effect of what you want.

      Good luck an let me know how it goes.

  • Lisa says:


    This is the first time I am hearing of Brain FM. I like you, need back ground noise to work. Since it is free, it is definitely worth a try. Thanks for the heads up on a great new product.


  • Anthony Hu says:

    Hi Craig,

    Thanks for introducing Brain FM. It sounds an interesting tool to improve productivity, supporting with scientific basis.

    I have issues of concentrating on my work, specially when I write article. Every 10 min or so, I need to do something else. As mentioned, you experience 2 hours without any interruption when you use Brian FM, which will certainly enhance productivity. I am going to try this. One question to you: is Brian FM free? if not free, how much should I pay?

    • Yes, it is free for the trial, which as I recall, is 10 sessions (word of caution: if you are doing the trial and you try to pause the music to do something else, it will use up one full session!)

      After the trial there are various levels of membership, including a lifetime membership. You may want to check it out periodically, because they had a deal last January where the lifetime subscription was 80% off, which I would have taken advantage of if I had known about it at the time.

      A monthly subscription is $6.95, but like most memberships, it becomes cheaper if you sign up for a longer period.

  • CraigO says:

    This is very interesting. I had never heard of it before. Sometimes I like total silence when I work, especially if I am here by muself. When my wife is home and she has the TV going I usually put on some classical piano music to drown out the TV sound. If I am reading a book I cannot concentrate on what I am reading if a TV is playing so I put on headphones and sometimes have soft piano music playing or some white noise. I am going to give brain fm a try since they have a free trial and see what I think. thanks

    • I hope you like it!

      I have found it to be quite helpful, personally. I used to prefer silence, but now I find that the sound helps. It may not be for everyone, but I have definitely seen an improvement in my work. I have spoken with others who normally like silence, and they, too, found it useful.

      Let me know what you think!