The Truth about Wealthy Affiliate

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I’ve already posted a review of Wealthy Affiliate, so it may seem strange that I would be writing this now, but this time I want to discuss a bit more about what Wealthy Affiliate does, and does not do, because I find that there may be some misconceptions, misinformation and misunderstandings circulating, so I would like to address the truth about Wealthy Affiliate now.

Right from the start: the name is Wealthy Affiliate. That is what catches most people’s attention and is likely to either draw them in, or turn them off. Why? Well, those drawn to it tend to be those who are looking for a way to escape their daily jobs, or add greater financial security to their lives. Those who are turned off tend to see the name and say “here we go again, with another scam. They’re all scams.”


Undoubtedly, you have come across scams online. There are certainly enough that they are hard to miss. Entire websites are built around trying to expose them, but more keep popping up. So, what about Wealthy Affiliate? It must be another one, right? Wealthy Affiliate can’t really make you rich, can it?

Well, I have good news and bad news. No, Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. It’s possibly the most legitimate program of it’s type that you will find online. So what about the other question. Will Wealthy Affiliate make you rich? Well, the simple answer is no. Wealthy Affiliate will not make you rich.

Why on earth would I, as a member of Wealthy Affiliate say that to you?

Consider this: when you go into a bookstore and seek out the “Self Help” department, what does the sign above it say? Right Self help. It doesn’t just say Help.You can read all the books you want. None of them are going to help you. What they will do is possibly (hopefully) give you the tools to help yourself. It’s the same thing with Wealthy Affiliate.

When you sign up to Wealthy Affiliate, you are accessing a ton of information. The entire first course is available to you, as well as access to the live help and one-on-one coaching for the first week.There is a lot of information right there. If you should continue on and become a Premium member, that amount of information just explodes. You gain access to all the lessons, unlimited free chat and live coaching, There are many, many more benefits that you also receive, but I won’t tell you about them here. If you want to, you can read the review I did a while back.

The thing is, none of that matters. None of it. Why? Because if you don’t do the work, or if you give up when things don’t progress as fast as you would like, then all the training in the world won’t help. That is when you will probably feel it is a scam, but the fact of the matter is, they just won’t do it for you.

If you are looking for a place to learn, however, then I can’t recommend it enough. Everything you need is there. It is all included in the membership, whereas other places would charge you for each individual service. Training. Live help. Live webinars each week. Hosting. Amazing tools to help you build your site. Fantastic community support. It’s all there. The only thing missing is you.

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Craig Williams

Working online was a dream of mine for several years, and now I am doing it. You can too! I am here to help in any way I can!

  • Craig, This is a really good followup post to your review. I know exactly what you mean about the name Wealthy Affiliate being positive and negative. I was looking around for some sort of online business to start up so I visited a lot of places, some scam and some legit. There was one I thought looked good but some of the reviews I read just put more doubt in my mind. On one review site I clicked a link and up pops the initial Wealthy Affiliate entry page. I immediately thought “another scam, (being the optimist I am haha), but then I noticed it was free to try and I did not have to enter any credit card information so, I thought “what the heck, might as well take a look. Once inside I was amazed at the wealth of information that was available free. I was truly impressed and thought WA looked like a good place to join. I messed around with it for a few days just to make sure then about 3 days later I went premium and have not looked back.

    • I’m glad that you overcame that initial skepticism.

      I really don’t know what else would be an appropriate name, but I worry that some people may have been turned off by the name Wealthy Affiliate. Ultimately it’s their loss, but it makes me sad to think that people who could truly learn something that could change their lives might miss out.

      Thanks for responding!