Jaaxy: The Key(words) to Your Success

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So, once you start your own site (and if you have already, congratulations!), the next logical step is to fill it up with awesome content. Once that is done, what you want is for people to actually see what you have created. How do you do that? Well, the key is Keywords! Keywords are the words that are used to help people find content online. Every time you are punching something in to Google, Bing, or whatever you prefer, you are using keywords. Pretty simply, right? Here’s an excellent keyword tool called Jaaxy:

So, if your dog gets sprayed by a skunk (I’m so sorry…), you might go to Google and punch in the keywords best way to remove skunk spray from dogs. Based on those words, Google is going to hook you up with some sites that will hopefully have what you need.

By using a keyword tool like Jaaxy, you are able to find out which keywords people are using to look stuff up.

 Why Do I Need Keywords?

So, imagine that you just wrote an article that you are really proud of, and you can’t wait to see how people respond… you are anxious to read their comments and start interacting. Fantastic! Only, what  happens if people can’t find your post? How will they know what great information you have for them?


It’s the keywords that bring people to you.

Keywords tools like Jaaxy can give you information on which keywords are popular, how many people are searching for them and how much traffic (IE visitors to your site) they can bring you. This is important because you want to be easily found. You want people to punch in a search and be directed to you, not someone else.

With a little bit of research and a good keyword tool, you are going to reach more people and have much more traffic to your site.

How Does Jaaxy Work?

There are a few key points to look at when researching your keywords. We’ll look at each column of the image below, going left to right.


  • Keyword: Here you’ll see the keyword(s) that you are looking up, as well as some variations
  • AVG  The number of times that this word or phrase is searched for each month. Higher is better.
  • Traffic   Refers to the average number of visitors to your site that you might expect if you rank on the first page of a Google search. Higher is better.
  • QSR  Quoted Search Results. The number of competing sites ranked in Google for this keyword. Lower is better.
  • KQI  Keyword Quality Indicator. Green is great, Yellow is ok, Red is poor.
  • SEO  Search Engine Optimization. A scale of 1-100, with 100 being best. Evaluates traffic and competition.
  • Domains Available in the upgraded version of Jaaxy, this shows you available domain names related to the keyword

So using the image above, we can see that three results are green, or Great, with some variance in the amount of traffic and the number of searches. “How to Start Your Own Online Business” looks like a great bet due to the amount of traffic, but you can see that it also has high competition. By looking at all the different factors, you can determine which keyword is likely to work best for you.

Using a keyword tool like Jaaxy will help you rank with Google and in turn, you will bring more visitors to your site, which is what you will need to grow your business.

Jaaxy is one of the best, most powerful keyword tools on the market. Try it out and let me know what you think!


Craig Williams

Working online was a dream of mine for several years, and now I am doing it. You can too! I am here to help in any way I can!

  • Michelle says:

    Thanks for the info on Jaaxy, Craig.
    I am using the free version and I find it extremely helpful. The variety of options that it gives you as an online writer, is amazing. You have the option to ‘check your words’ as you go and this is crucial to your online exposure.
    All the best.

    • I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying Jaaxy Michelle. I think it’s a great tool, and I think that if more people were aware of what it has to offer they could make a significant impact on their site’s performance by using it.

  • Paul says:

    Dear Craig,

    Thanks for the detailed post on the Jaaxy keyword tool. I am using Jaaxy for 16+ Months and Its an awesome keyword research tool and I amazed about the features of Jaaxy. In my online experience Jaaxy is the very best keyword research tool. Thanks for sharing!

    Your Friend,

  • I’m getting more and more into Jaxxy and really like how it is working. It took me some time to figure out how to benefit from it, but I really get it now.

  • Annie says:

    I LOVE Jaaxy! It makes finding and using keywords so simple! It is gift! Without this, I have no idea how I could do this blogging business!

    • I was ready to sign up for a paid account with Jaaxy when Wealthy Affiliate made it available to all. It is a great tool and I am extremely happy to have access to it. I expect to upgrade when I can.

  • ariel says:

    Hello Craig, I am amazed at how the Jaaxy tool is so very helpful to our Affiliate Marketing business. And I have wondered about the how this process really works. This was a great tutorial. I am going to read it again. In peace and gratitude, ariel

    • I enjoy using Jaaxy quite a bit.

      When I started at Wealthy Affiliate, Jaaxy was an optional tool, which had to be subscribed to. I was always temped to do so, but was on a very tight budget. Now that WA has made it available to all premium members (which is an incredible value), I am very happy. I use it all the time.

  • d-train says:

    Jaaxy is a great tool for people with web pages and should be a go to for new people to web content as it will help them with SEO and finding keywords that should drive traffic to there sites. Your site provides for those people and gives them the opportunity to get this amazing product.

    • Craig says:

      Yes, Jaaxy is pretty great and has all you need in one place. It also helps that it’s easy to use and that they continue to improve upon it, making the best even better as we go along. I think that anyone who is serious about getting traffic on their site needs to at least try it out and see for themselves how beneficial it can be.

      Thanks for commenting!

  • Helen says:

    Jaaxy is a tool of the gods!! haha no but seriously. The platform allows for you to easily view and analyze very important data all in one convenient place. After their 30-day free trial, I was hooked. No doubt about it, you will not get ranked in any search engine without being able to navigate the information necessary for SEO. Jaaxy is a must.



    • Craig says:

      It is a great tool. When I first tried it, I honestly didn’t see what all the fuss was about, but as I started to develop my own sites I looked more deeply into Jaaxy and quickly discovered that it is pretty indispensable. 

      Thanks for taking the time to comment!