Is TrafficWave Any Good?

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No matter what sort of business you work in, you can benefit from an autoresponder. It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger, an affiliate marketer, or even if you conduct your business primarily offline; an autoresponder will help you build your business.


You may have heard of TrafficWave, and are perhaps wondering if it’s worth trying.


Like many people involved in Affiliate Marketing, I’d heard the phrase “the money’s in the list” multiple times, but it was not really something that I really ever paid attention to. I had a somewhat
faulty idea of what “the list” was for, believing it was merely a way to hound people that had visited your site with non-stop emails.

The Money is in the List!

The Money is in the List


What I eventually came to understand was that building a list wasn’t for the sake of annoying people, but rather it was a means of keeping in touch with existing and potential clients. It is merely a way of building your audience.


TrafficWave allows you to build an unlimited number of mailing lists. You also have the flexibility to move subscribers from one list to another, to merge lists, or even import lists from other autoresponders.


Creating opt-in forms is easy, as is making your letters for you campaign, with a wide choice of templates that you can use, allowing you to quickly and easily create professional-looking messages. In fact, you could be up and running in minutes.


Everything is fairly straight-forward and easy to use, but if you do have difficulty with anything, there is also extensive training and support available, either through some excellent training articles, or if you prefer, video.


Another great feature of TrafficWave is the ability to see if your messages are being opened and read, and whether or not any included links have been clicked. This makes it easy to know which messages are performing and which might need tweaking.


TrafficWave also offers excellent deliverability. Being able to send out regular messages won’t do you much good if they regularly end up in the recipient’s spam folder. Whereas messages from other prominent autoresponders sometimes fail to reach their destination, TrafficWave routinely reaches the subscriber.


One of the best things about TrafficWave, however, is that it is affordable. Looking at some other autoresponders, you can expect to pay increasing fees depending on the size of your list, which can become very expensive. But with TrafficWave, you pay one single price for an unlimited number of lists, each with an unlimited number of subscribers.


With TrafficWave, you don’t have to pay a lot to build your business, and that is great news for someone starting out.


Even better, you can try TrafficWave FREE for one month to see for yourself how it can benefit you. If you like it, you simply continue to subscribe for the low price of $17.95, which is one of the most affordable tools you will ever find for internet marketing.


Try TrafficWave for a month. You have nothing to lose with your free trial, but you will gain insight into how you can grow your business quicker and easier than you would have imagined!