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Hi, I’m Craig and I am hoping to be the guy who helps you Start Working for You!

This is me!


Like countless others, I worked many, many years in a job that, while I didn’t hate it exactly, I didn’t really care for it. I made the mistake of leaving school early and entered the workforce. I was at the mercy of employers because I didn’t really have a whole lot to offer, other than the willingness to work hard and learn.

I entered the retail field. I didn’t think of it as a horrible job, really, because I figured I was providing a service to my customers and I took pride in that. I gave the best possible customer service that I could and enjoyed the relationships that formed with both co-workers and regular clients.

The biggest problem, as any retail worker can tell you, is that the pay wasn’t very good, the hours weren’t great. some customers were… difficult, and most of all, no matter how long or how hard I worked, I wasn’t getting anywhere, even as I was promoted to supervisor, assistant manager and manager. I will never forget a coworker who said to me “we’re all lemons; once they squeeze the juice out of us, they toss us away and take another.”

That’s a pretty sad statement, but as the years went by, I started to believe it more and more. I finally realised that all the work I was doing was for someone else’s benefit; I was helping customers with their needs, I was helping my store to do well and attract clients and I was helping the company make money which really wasn’t being shared with the employees. I was spending years of my life building the dreams of other people.

Time to Think about Me

I finally realised that working for someone else was never going to get me to the place I wanted to be. I would never travel, I would never have the things I wanted, I would never be able to give my wife and kids the things they deserved. I also realised that I would never be able to stop working. Retirement in my old age wouldn’t be possible considering that after 25+ years of working full time my bank account was regularly overdrawn and I had no savings to speak of.

No, I would never get the life I wanted working for someone else. It was time to start working for me and that is what I am doing now. My time and my effort is going into making the life I want, doing the things I want. I’ve worked with so many people over the years who deserve much more than what they are receiving in life. They are working hard, but not living the life they want. If you are reading this, maybe you are the same.

How Can I Help You?

If you are in the same position I was in, or even if you are just looking for more from life, then I really, truly hope that you will come with me and Start Working for You! I’d love to show you how you can take one of your passions and turn it into an online business. Or maybe you don’t even necessarily want to make it a business, but just want to learn about building websites. Well, that’s fine, too. Whatever your goals are, I want to help you reach them. I love seeing people succeed, and even more than that, I love seeing them improve their lives and start enjoying themselves. Let me help!

I’d love to hear from you. Please leave me any comments or questions you may have below. I can also be reached at craig@startworkingforyou.com  or through my Wealthy Affiliate profile.



  • Paul says:

    Dear Craig,

    Happy to know about you. Wow its great hear you work from home and for me it was a dream until last year December. Finally I am also working from home I am blogger full time.

    As you mentioned “I finally realized that working for someone else was never going to get me to the place I wanted to be” that’s true I felt the same. Being our own boss is a great pleasure.

    • It really is. I especially love the freedom it gives me to be with my kids, or to take a day off when I need it, whether it be for a doctor appointment, to do some other kind of task, or simply to spend time with my family. That flexibility is wonderful.

  • ariel says:

    Hello Craig, the other side of the squeezed lemons is that it is also made into a tasty drink. There are always many ways to view, yes? I know that making a leap into our own business is both exciting and daunting. For me I felt like there was no choice. I just had to do it. I am happy you are here also. And Wealthy Affiliate has totally changed my world. I wish that for everyone.
    Great to know more about you. And each step helps to bring us closer to what we know about ourselves and our inner truth yes?
    In peace and gratitude, ariel

  • Jessica says:

    Hi Craig,

    I like the comment about lemons! That is a great metaphor. I think so many people would jump at the opportunity to have their own business if the felt they COULD. It is scary. People (myself included before I found Wealthy Affiliate) feel like they just don’t know enough about computers, the internet, and the online business world to get into it. They feel like it is daunting. A big, scary, confusing behemoth that runs on a language that might as well be Greek.

    Or they are afraid of scams since there are so many online scams that have tried to take money from us! It seems like a ‘too good to be true’ scenario. Well, it isn’t. First of all, it is not instant gratification. It takes dedication and effort. Secondly, it is absolutely doable! It isn’t Greek when you have easy, step by step training and support! I hope people will look into your recommendations here. I am so glad I found W.A.!

    • Craig says:

      I am immensely grateful for having found Wealthy Affiliate, not only for the incredible training, but for the community of like-minded individuals who honestly want to see one another succeed. I do think you’re right about people worrying about scams though. I, myself have fallen for my share of them over the years, which just makes it all the more gratifying to find something that is real, legit, and which works! I find it unfortunate though, that one group of people might be afraid to try it because it “sounds too good to be true” and another group is afraid to try because they feel it takes too long and they want immediate success.

      Anything worth doing is worth doing right, and doing something right takes time. Wealthy Affiliate won’t make you rich in a week, but it can absolutely work for you if you put in the necessary time and effort. It certainly does seem daunting at first, but every single thing that we do in our lives had to be learned. This is no different. I have two kids, and I have to say that one of the most amazing, mind-blowing things in the world is watching them learn to use language. We don’t think about it often, as it’s something we do without effort, but take a moment to really consider what is involved in learning to speak a language. It’s phenomenal.

      Nothing at Wealthy Affiliate is as complex as that, but we thought to ourselves as children that we wouldn’t bother learning to speak because it was too hard.

      I would love to see people at least sign up for the free trial. I know for a fact that many, many people could benefit from what they would learn at Wealthy Affiliate, and make significant changes to their lives.

      Thanks for the comment!