10 Ways to Earn Money From Home

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Earn Money from HomeIt has been predicted that 79 million people will start a home business over the next five years. Obviously, there are a lot of people wanting to break free from the 9-5 office jobs, or low-paying retail positions that they currently have.

Not everyone wants to start a business however. Some just want to work at home. And why not? Jobs working at home can be great. But what kind of work would you do?

What kind of jobs are available? With so many scams online, what are the legitimate ways to earn money from home?

Jobs You Can Do From Home

Probably the easiest way to get a job working at home is to work for a company that allows you to telecommute, but if you are not in that situation, what do you do? Here’s a number of jobs that you might want to look into, along with an idea of what they might pay.

  1. Search Engine Evaluator. Have you ever typed in a search for something online, only to get results that weren’t quite what you were looking for? Help improve search engines. Average pay: $12-$16 per hour.
  2. Online Teacher. Native speakers are sometimes sought out online to help teach English in other countries. If you enjoy helping others to learn, this may appeal to you. Average pay: $12-$45 per hour.
  3. Document Translation. Do you speak multiple languages? How are your translation skills? Put that knowledge to work for an average pay of $11-$33 per hour.
  4. Answering Service Worker. If you are a good communicator with a lot of patience, this may be a good match for you, at an average of $12-$14 per hour.
  5. Non-Medical Transcription. $10-$25 per hour. This requires certification.
  6. Captcha Typing. Solve captchas for your customers. Pay rate varies.
  7. Customer Support. Virtually every company needs customer support reps. Average of $10-$16 per hour.
  8. Content Writer. Love writing? Enjoy research? Produce content for blogs and websites at an average of $16-$32 per hour.
  9. Social Media Consultant. Be the online voice of your employer for $10-$30 per hour.
  10. Virtual Assistant. Handle the clerical duties of your office remotely. Average pay of $13-$18 per hour.

Bonus Work at Home Job

Any of these jobs could be precisely what you are looking for, or perhaps none of them are. Perhaps you look at the list and think that they aren’t much different from any other job: you go to work, spending your time and effort for the benefit of your employer. Sure there are perks, but maybe you want more?

If you think that you would like to work at home, but prefer the notion of having all your work benefit you directly, then consider affiliate marketing. Virtually every business can benefit from affiliate marketing and it is a rapidly-growing profession.

Want to find out how to be your own boss? Learn from the world leaders in affiliate marketing.

Are you already working from home? I’d love to hear from you. Share your experiences below!


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Craig Williams

Working online was a dream of mine for several years, and now I am doing it. You can too! I am here to help in any way I can!




I wasn’t familiar with so many options to get paid working from home. I
am interested in number 1, Search Engine Evaluator and 8, Content Writer. Where would I get more information on those two options?


Craig Williams

For myself, I lucked out in getting work as a content writer. I was asked by someone who produces content for multiple sites if I would like to give him a hand, because he was receiving more work than he could handle. I know that some people are getting work through Fiverr and Upwork, though Upwork seems to have a surplus of writers at the moment.

As for the evaluator jobs, here are a couple of articles that you might like:

There are quite a few work-at-home positions that are available, and it seems like new positions are popping up rather frequently. Of course, I personally am partial to affiliate marketing, which really allows you to be your own boss, but any of these positions may be a great fit for someone looking to make a career at home, or earn some extra income.


Hi Craig. Thanks for taking the time to write this informative post. My wife has been a stay at home mom for the past 12 years and has done a few of the of the jobs that you mention here, such as document translator and virtual assistant. The pay was really good too. There is nothing more satisfying to me than earning a good income from the comfort of home.


That’s great!

I know that many people would love to work at home, but are often unsure of what they can do, or whether they can make a real living doing it.

While it’s important to be wary of potential scams, there are a number of legitimate opportunities to work online, if one is willing to look!


You have given some good options to consider in your post on 10 ways you can earn money from home.
Although it could be the most challenging option, affiliate marketing suits me.
It means I am my own boss and can choose my schedule.
Building any business is hard work but your option at Wealthy Affiliate does offer a fantastic package of training tools and support.


Hi Tania

I would have to agree with you. I think affiliate marketing is an excellent choice. We all have something that we are passionate about and can therefore talk about endlessly! That is, in many ways, what affiliate marketing is, and most of us are already doing it anyways.

Thanks for commenting!


Working from home isn’t easy hey Craig. One has to be so disciplined. I’ve starting an Affiliate Marketing business online and am part of The Wealthy Affiliate community. Been putting time and effort into building a decent website but after 10 months have still to earn a penny. There are advantages to working from home, especially the daily commute, but there are also disadvantages.


It really does take discipline. If you aren’t able to stay focused, you may have some real difficulty maintaining your productivity. While there are some tips that may help with that, much of it simply comes down to discipline.

Staying positive is another factor. It can be very discouraging if you aren’t seeing any success after several months. I have seem some people do extremely well after only 2-3 months, but most seem to take a year to 18 months to really get rolling. Unfortunately, too many people lose faith before then.

I think that affiliate marketing is a great way to go, but it does take time to start seeing some income from it. In the meantime, you could certainly explore other options in your spare time. For myself, I have been doing some work blogging for other sites, as well as writing product descriptions for a retailer. They work isn’t terribly hard, and it pays reasonably well.

There are definitely some difficulties in pursuing work-at-home opportunities, but if you can tough it out, I think it’s more than worthwhile. Thanks for commenting!


Great post! Working from home is a dream job for a lot of people. The idea of working from home catches most people’s attention. I know it did for me. I want to be able to create my own schedule and not have to answer to a boss.

I appreciate you sharing this list of job possibilities to work from home. I haven’t looked into many jobs that allow you to work from home, but I’ve been working on becoming a full-time affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing gives me the freedom I want. I get to write about and research what I am passionate about.

Thank you!



I also think that affiliate marketing is a great way to go. As you mentioned, it allows you to work with the things that appeal to you and that you have a real passion for. The thought of working at home with something you love, setting your own schedule and being your own boss is a combination that I find hard to beat.

Thanks for the response!


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